Composition on the topic “Cultural man”

Very often we come across such an expression as a “cultural person”, but, unfortunately, not everyone understands what it means. Why is it so important to be cultured? What are the characteristics of a cultured person and does he exist at all?

For millennia our society has come a long way in its development. Beginning with primary groups, prehistoric people created certain norms of behavior, the means of transferring their knowledge to the next generation, and complicated weapons and everyday items. With the passage of time, all this was perfected, humanity invented new means of self-expression and adjustment of relations among themselves. All this is culture.

Culture has always been and remains an indicator of the development of society, humanity, an individual. A person who accepts and uses for the benefit of himself all the achievements of previous generations, all the norms of behavior and instruction and is cultural. Such a person is not just interested

in everything that he inherited from his ancestors, he also takes responsibility for his actions, which must comply with the rules established in the person’s environment. In addition, the cultural person tries to contribute to the development of the whole society.

But it all starts with little, from your thoughts, behavior, attitudes to the environment and people. Unfortunately, despite the fact that today mankind has achieved significant success, for example, technically, there is a rapid decline in the cultural level. People do not accept established rules, do not pay attention to traditions. They do not even bother about their future, destroying it with bad habits, empty amusements and unacceptable behavior. No one is trying to do anything to improve their level of culture.

Meanwhile, the future is happening today: one piece of paper thrown into an urn, and not to the ground, another book read instead of the next serial or reality show, all this has a beneficial effect not only on the person himself, but also is the key to further cultural development humanity. After all, we do not want to descend again to the level of prehistoric people?

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Composition on the topic “Cultural man”