“Communication” composition

Communication plays an important role in the life of every person, I think that today no one can live without communication with other people. Every day we meet with someone, exchange information with them, share our news, thoughts, feelings and experiences. Communication helps to cheer up and makes a person happy. It also helps him develop and improve, solve problems.

Previously, people could not quickly exchange with those who lived at a remote distance from them, used letters that for a long time went to the addressee. And today, thanks to modern technologies, we can communicate at a distance, exchanging instant messages on social networks and calling up by mobile phones. Now everyone has the opportunity to access the Internet, call up people from other countries, seeing their image in real time.

Social networks were created to ensure that people who are at a distant distance could communicate. But today many people use the Internet to talk with people living with them on the same street in the same city. Instead of real communication, modern man prefers virtual, it becomes a problem of modern society. Meeting with friends or friends instead of talking to them more often, we prefer at this time to type a message to someone else on social networks. Let’s not forget about real communication, when people see the eyes of their interlocutor.

Communication makes a person a person and ennobles him. As the famous writer Antoine Saint-Exupery said: “The only luxury I know is the luxury of human communication.”

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“Communication” composition