Composition on the topic “Problems of adolescents”

It would seem, well, what kind of modern teenagers can have problems? We live in peacetime, are surrounded by the attention and care of parents, the vast majority of us have everything we need and even a little more, we have a huge number of gadgets and technologies that are constantly developing and improving. Each of us can realize himself in any of the numerous sections, circles, etc.

But not everything is so simple, the problems of adolescence are hidden deep inside us and practically do not depend on external factors. Firstly, most adolescents have problems with communication, both with adults and with peers. We are always in search of ourselves and very acutely and painfully perceive misunderstanding from others. We feel that we are already adults, we want to be perceived as such, but parents and teachers see children in us, and this is the root of misunderstanding.

Secondly, a serious problem of adolescence is in hormones. Their unstable level provokes mood swings, depression and impulsive behavior. From here quarrels, escapes from the house and even cases of suicide. To some extent, the teenager resembles a bare nerve, so any problem is perceived by us as a tragedy of all life.

In the life of a teenager, the status that is expressed in the number of friends, the company with which you communicate is of no small importance. This is called “popularity”. For some, it becomes the main goal. I’m not chasing this, preferring not the number of people around me, but the quality.

Whatever one may say, adolescence is a difficult period in the life of any person. Everyone has to go through this, it pleases that he is relatively short-lived. But, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that at this age there are pluses, for example, the first love.

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Composition on the topic “Problems of adolescents”