Composition “Language is our true friend”

What helps a person to comprehend science, have friends, work, family? Of course this is an opportunity to communicate, share your thoughts. And all thanks to knowledge and language proficiency. When is the language our friend? How to master the subtleties of communication skills?

For the most part, our ability to express feelings, tell about what happened, the ability to transmit any information, depends on several reasons. One of them is our environment. This includes and with what people we communicate, and what books we read. In a word, everything that we see and everything we hear contributes to the accumulation of that stock of words that we use. Words are stored in our memory, and if necessary we get them, try on with other words, we put words into words or sentences. The more we remember the words, the more diverse and lively our speech. The surrounding people understand it better, and they prefer to come to us. So a good command of language contributes to the fact that

we have friends and acquaintances.

It turns out that it is worth “making friends” with the language, in order to better be able to own them. And it will be of great benefit. But how to do that? It seems to me that simply to consider Russian as your own and hope that eventually we will know it better, it is very small. After all, we do not do this to friends. To our comrades we show a keen interest, and thus we learn more and more about them. That is why it sometimes seems that foreigners who are deeply studying the subtleties of someone else’s speech are better, more correctly speak Russian than those to whom they are native. Therefore, for myself, I decided that the language spoken by my great-grandparents should become even closer to me. And developed an action plan for the implementation of the plan.

Both about friends and about the speech I want to know history. After all, every word has it. For this purpose, the etymological dictionary serves. Other similar books help to identify synonyms or the definition of any word, which means that the speech will become more diverse and colorful. Words whose meaning is only dimly perceived deserve more careful study. So in time, I hope, I will be able to really make friends with the great and mighty Russian language.

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Composition “Language is our true friend”