Composition on the topic The man that I like

The teacher walks by, approaches the blackboard and announces the theme of the essay: “The man I like.” In the class runs a low hum. All decide who they will write about. I think, I decide and I represent, about whom my composition will be. The first thing that came to mind was the idea of ​​writing about my mother, because she is the closest and most loved person. Thinking, I decided that I would write about my best friend – Alina.

Alina – tall, always dressed with taste. Make-up is barely noticeable, and it is necessary, not too faded and not too provocative, emphasizing her light brown eyes. No freckles, apparently the sun loves her less than me. Her smile can lift the mood even the most sad person in the world. Chestnut hair is most often removed in the “Kichku” on the back of the head, sometimes disbanded or braided in a pigtail. He never allows himself to come in the same attire for two or three days in a row. Very neat.


nature of Alina is very diverse, like the mood. It can only be lifted by cheerful music. My friend often listens to what she likes and suits her mood. Alina is calm in any situation, even before the poll, to which she is not ready. Honest and nice with friends, does not like to make enemies. – “Why should I need extra problems?” – she says in such cases. Kind and sympathetic Alina will always help her friend in a difficult situation, for example: prepare for a test or a test. For whatever matter my best friend does not take, she will always bring it to the end. It seems to me that it is possible to take an example from it.

Alina is an excellent pupil. He does not like getting fours, but always tries to fix the threes as soon as possible. An industrious girlfriend is always very well prepared for the lesson. It works just as well on it. He knows the answer to any question about what they asked us. If you are ill and do not know what is being asked, then call Alina, she will always find a little time to tell you the homework. My best friend is also very responsible, if you need to prepare a

report or other information necessary for the lesson, she will always do it.

Alina is fond of dancing, drawing, likes to watch KVN. From there she takes a lot of jokes and uses them in life. I also watch this show, and I really like it. She goes to art school with pleasure and draws beautifully. Alina and the dance collective often perform in our city. She also traveled to Sweden and Finland, speaking there. She very much likes to dance at exhibitions and fairs, together with friends and collective.

I consider Alina my best friend. We are with her interesting and fun together. I like her as a person and I hope that we will remain friends forever.

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Composition on the topic The man that I like