Composition on the topic of betrayal

Betrayal. Hardly the worst thing that can happen in a person’s life. Betrayal is almost like death. Death of trust and intimacy. Betrayal is like the intentional humiliation of a loved one.

What exactly is a betrayal? After all, we sometimes deceive loved ones, but usually this is not a betrayal, but only an attempt not to offend or unwillingness to quarrel. In my opinion, betrayal is a deliberate deception of a person’s expectations about you. For example, you convince someone who thinks you are a friend, that you will necessarily go with him to the hospital, because he is very worried, but at that moment you know that you will not go anywhere and will not even warn you. That is, betrayal is a conscious lie that a person can count on you.

So in everything – in friendship, love, at work – in any relationship between people. Sooner or later, betrayal becomes known, and the person will be very hurt, because he will know that for a long time he was

treated insincerely.

Why do people betray? Apparently, there are two main reasons for this. First, it does not matter to a person that another will be hurt. And the second – he does not have the courage to say directly that he no longer likes or does not want to communicate just because he is afraid of hurting a person who is not indifferent to whom he does not want to continue his relationship.

They say that the worst thing is when a person betrays himself, his views and desires. This he puts his true needs below those imposed on him from the outside. By refusing yourself, you can get money, fame or something else, but if this is not really what you want, what’s the point in it?

Traitors lived at all times. Often there were people who, for their own benefit, opened the gates of their city to their enemies. However, I am sure that happiness can not be built on someone else’s misfortune, and all bad things return to the person who created the evil. Yes, I believe that betrayal is evil, to which there is a weak person who does not know how to achieve his worthy way.

I do not believe

that you can betray “accidentally” by simply doing something without thinking about the consequences. If this is the case, then this can be called stupidity, mistake, frivolity and, most likely, forgive.

It is always difficult to judge such a concept as treachery. Perhaps, people have excuses, but the heartache of the one who was betrayed, will always live in his heart. Yes, no one says that life is a simple thing. I hope that honesty and sincerity in relations between people, morality and just compassion for each other is the sure way to avoid betrayal.

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Composition on the topic of betrayal