“Modern Children” composition

In the children’s society the child comes out with a certain set of ideas, interests, needs and requests, with an individual orientation of consciousness, with his own view of the world. The child’s outlook is laid in the preschool age. And often, before instilling in the child the necessary system of values, the teacher has to struggle with what the child brought from the family of the parents. Modern parents are young people who grew up in the period of perestroika, that is, during a difficult time, when, as V. Shakespeare said, “the connection of times broke up.” That is, this age period has experienced all the complexities of the transition period, which imposes an indelible imprint on the human mind. In this regard, young parents, perhaps at a subconscious level, are eager to give their children everything they did not have in childhood themselves.

From childhood, through communication with parents, watching cartoons – a child forms a relationship,

a look at the world and his place in it. This is a very important process, and many of its aspects are clearly formed from underestimated by adults moments: emotional-imagery impressions, relationships, family values, behavior patterns of the pope and mother, attitude to the older generation. Thus, the child, communicating with parents, accepts their value system, the principles of family relationships, the notion of gender relations, analyzes the role of men in the family and society, and their social status. A male type of world outlook is formed: the view of the future male master or nihilist and has taken hold. Therefore, the way the child will grow up, directly depends on the relationship of parents in the family, and on their relationship to the world around them. It is very important not to miss this moment,

Kindergarten educators often notice that some children come unhilled after the weekend, stick to the caregivers, try to attract attention, see a smile or hear a sweet word. Even to lay down to sleep it is not required the big efforts: after days off children fall asleep instantly, t. To. In days

off have not oversleached, hence, the mode of the house was not observed. In such cases, children easily lose priorities: the teacher is bad, she makes you sleep, at home well – at home you can do whatever you want. Thus, the importance of discipline and rules of behavior is lost. Children become discouraged, spoiled, do not obey adults.
Another important factor in the development of the child’s personality is television and the Internet, which paves much of the information in the structure of his everyday thinking. Through the TV and the Internet, a child often receives information that is difficult to understand at his age. TV and the Internet have a huge impact on the child’s behavior, his worldview, attitude to the world, parents, value orientations, communication style and communication skills.

Modern children devote most of their time to the Internet. Ten years ago, the children dreamed: “But it would be great if at school there was Internet in every office!” Modern children at the same time burying their gadgets absorb the expanses of the global network. Ten to fifteen years ago during the change of teachers worried about the integrity of the window panes, because the children made all the changes on the school grounds. Now we are worried about the health of our children’s eyes.

An indispensable landmark of even the most prestigious educational institutions were once the school porches on which high school students gathered in change. The children of the last century left messages to each other in the form of school décors. And sometimes even from year to year these records were kept, from class to class. Now this is not. Modern children have become calm and disciplined? Maybe. But “live” communication leaves us. Children cease to gather for evening gatherings in the courtyard, but communicate via SMS or the Internet. Children are gradually disaccustomed to speak, express their thoughts, formulate sentences, because all their communication takes place through silent dialogue in correspondence.

The era of mass education gradually began to grow into the age of mass informatization. We still do not fully understand what lies ahead and what kind of people it will give… It seems. What is growing up is a “thinking, feeling” generation. I would like very much not to miss them and make it with them on the train of the present to enter the future.

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“Modern Children” composition