Composition on the topic “Signs”

Since ancient times, people have been closely watching the phenomena taking place around. This helped them not only to better understand nature and the surrounding world, but also draw some conclusions, notice regularities, predict weather, harvest. So people appeared and firmly entered into our lives various signs. Since childhood, we all know that if the sparrows swim in the summer in the dust, then it will soon be cold and it’s possible to rain. To the rain and swallows fly low over the ground, moisture makes their wings heavier and does not let fly up high.

Of course. nothing fantastic in this behavior of birds there. All these patterns are explained solely by natural phenomena. After all, insects that serve as food for birds are very sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure, which occurs long before the approach of rain. At the same time, they fall to the ground. But insect movements are not always visible to the human eye. But the fact that swallows descend to

the ground behind them, many of them with pleasure watching, it’s hard not to see.

Animals are much better than people who feel any change in climatic conditions. Knowingly in those places where there are often earthquakes and other natural disasters, they are approached by cats, dogs, horses and other animals. They begin to behave anxiously, frightened, try to leave the dwelling as soon as possible. And this is at a time when, it would seem, there is no reason to worry. But magpies in our cities before the storm and blizzard, on the contrary, fly close to the shelter, try to get under the roof. And it’s understandable – they just look for shelter from the weather. After all, among the branches – in the house of forty – not very much you will hide from the blizzard!

They say: “Thunder in winter – to strong winds”. This is indeed so. After all, at any time of year, the thunder signifies a change in the weather. In spring and summer thunder is accompanied by downpours and thunderstorms. And during a thunderstorm very often there is a wind. In winter, rains are rare

– far from the earth, in cold air, the drops invariably turn into snow. But the wind remains and even becomes stronger. The day before the thaw, the mice come out from under the forest litter on the snow. They already feel that it will become warmer and the hungry time will soon end. And they hurry to get to the scanty, but priceless for small rodents remains of food, hidden under a layer of snow.

The hare comes into the gardens – it will be a harsh winter; smoke from the pipes goes down – to the snow, upwards – to the frost; large drops of rain on puddles – the rain will soon end. People know many signs that are often used in their lives. And all thanks to the fact that for many years and centuries people carefully observed all the smallest details and changes occurring around, compared them with subsequent events in nature and passed their experience to new generations.

Such phenomena constantly occur in nature. The world around us lives its own life. And we only need to carefully look at it, remember the centuries-old observations of our ancestors and confidently wait for warmth, a rich harvest or prepare for severe frosts, downpours and other adversity.

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Composition on the topic “Signs”