Composition on the topic of lies

Perhaps a lie is a complicated concept. Lying is considered a vice. But it is necessary for people, otherwise it would disappear long ago from the face of the Earth. And why they say: “a lie for good”? I will try to answer this myself, as I consider it necessary.

For me, lying is definitely a bad thing. After all, if a person lies to me, then he wants to deceive me. Maybe he wants to use me for his own purposes. Or maybe he just wants to laugh at the “fool”. Or he lies, not thinking that he was left behind. In any case, his lies initially do not imply good motives for me. At least, this person is indifferent to me.

There are also “lies for good”. This is when a person is not told the truth, so as not to upset him. For example, a patient is not told that his illness is fatal, but deceived. Or do not say that something unpleasant has happened, but reassure: “everything is in order.” It’s all right, beautiful marquise!

But such a lie still remains a lie. A person will still suspect that something is wrong, suffer, suffer. And then, after all, he will know the whole truth. And who knows if it was better to tell him at once!

The only option of “lies for good”, which I personally admit – is to keep silent where you really can not speak. For example, that there was no panic. Or not to cause a deep heart wound. No wonder they say: “Silence is gold.” But do not lie, do not compose, do not invent or “twist”.

I do not like people who lie so easily, “how to puddle in a puddle.” And I know such people, with some even friends at one time. But not for long. You can communicate with them, but you can not be friends, you can not start any common business. Otherwise you’ll get in trouble.

Sometimes you do not understand why they write: a rich imagination? Or somehow self-affirm? Then you just try to “filter” everything they say. And at least, whatever! Having lost some friends, they immediately lead others, often the same liars. And then these people sincerely

do not understand why they get into trouble, why they do not want to communicate with them.

According to my observations, people often lie public – those whose words are just important, to whom they listen. For example, members of the government. Their lies usually contain elements of truth, but they “twist” it, manipulating public opinion. Usually, they keep silent about important information: “25 new schools are open”. But it is not said that all these schools are not built, but simply renovated. The viewer also creates a false impression. This “silence” – this is not a “lie for good”, but simply a lie.

If a person is often lied to, and he himself does not use such a device, he should think about it. Maybe he himself behaves in such a way that he is “presented” with any rubbish? The same can be said about the people and about the government.

I myself sometimes lied, but now I try to do it less. There are just people who do not want to hear the truth. They are, as they say, even a stake on the head of the Teshi, they stand on their erroneous opinion. There are others – they immediately threaten punishment for the truth. But the lie they pass “with a bang.”

Do you know why I do not want to lie yet? Because, uttering what I do not think, what is not, I will not be myself anymore. I can not express myself as I am. And I’m not interested in building someone else out of myself.

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Composition on the topic of lies