The composition on the topic “Spiritlessness”

Spiritlessness is one of the biggest problems of modern society. Traditionally, with lack of spirituality, it is accepted to understand the absence of a person’s high life aspirations, principles, ideals of being, a sense of sublimity. Unfortunately, when looking at many modern people, it seems that they are completely soulless, it has many different manifestations.

The most striking example of lack of spirituality in a person’s life is the priority of personal over social. Today, life develops in such a way that very many people do not think at all about the common good. Everyone wants to become successful personally – they want to provide themselves with a satisfied and happy life at any cost, do not think about the great values ​​of the present and other people who sometimes need something. For example, people do not pay enough attention to those who need their help. Spiritual people try to hide from paying taxes, do not want to participate in socially

useful activities, always move away from society in order to be alone and not to do anything useful in society.

However, society very quickly defines such people and applies to them fair measures of responsibility. Often spirituality is associated with the moral rules of our society. There is a certain logic in this. Indeed, immoral people are often also unspiritual, such that violate the natural rules of a community of people. For example, one of the basic rules of modern Ukrainian society is extreme respect for old age and the elderly. But non-spiritual people not only do not show enough respect to older people. Moreover, they very often forget about their own parents when they so badly need their help. In general, unspiritual people very often demonstrate complete disregard for any rules of morality.

It is hardly worth considering a lack of faith in God as a vivid example of lack of spirituality. The thing is that in the modern world, faith in God was greatly atrophied. Many people do not just believe in God and at the same time commit a crime against a person and society, they also hide behind their faith

in order to avoid a well-deserved responsibility. At the same time among atheists today there are really a lot of moral people who are responsible for themselves and for society. Spirituality harms society, especially if we take into account its modern dimensions. At the same time, it is quite difficult to deal with it, because spiritless people usually do not violate laws and do not directly harm the state. The only effective means to combat spirituality is to boycott unspiritual people, to refuse to communicate and interact with them.

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The composition on the topic “Spiritlessness”