The composition on the topic “Away well, but at home is better”

What does this expression mean? We all like to visit. So we are distracted from everyday bustle and worries, there is an opportunity to see friends and relatives who have not been seen for a long time. Children especially like to go to visit, because there you can have fun, parents allow you to eat sweets and watch cartoons.

But, no matter how good it is to visit, there is always time to get ready to go home. And this is right, because houses are still better. The house is a special place for everyone, it even smells differently. Everything here is familiar and convenient for you, done and arranged the way you want. The walls and shelves are decorated with pleasant memorable trivia, some of which are made by oneself or those who are dear to your heart. Even eating at home is exactly the way you like.

Many decorate their house with flowers in pots, which they themselves plant, and then for many years carefully take care of them. And in the house often live your favorite pets, they are grown from the most tender age, and therefore you become attached to them even more. Sometimes it is possible to establish friendly relations with neighbors, and to return home it becomes even more pleasant.

Only at home you can truly relax, your rules apply here. From time immemorial, his home was considered almost sacred, he was respected and protected. Where do we all hurry in the difficult moments of life? Where can we hide from adversity? Where will they always understand and support us? Of course at home. I hope that every person on Earth can find a place that he could call home.

I’m lucky, I really love my house, and it’s always nice to go back there. It is filled with family warmth and comfort, it has many pleasant personal details. In my room, for example, there is a wicker chair with a soft pillow, in which I like to read books. Despite the fact that I like to communicate with people and go to visit, home is still better.

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The composition on the topic “Away well, but at home is better”