Composition on the topic of responsibility

Responsibility is a thing that does not exist by itself, but is always viewed in a certain context. Some views on responsibility in our society are so large that it is quite difficult to determine the correct behavior of a person.

The more responsibility, the less a person is able to change something and influence what he is responsible for. Sometimes, in order to reduce their responsibility, people intentionally increase the scale of the matter in such a way that it is next to impossible to find those responsible for certain events.

A person can be called a real and full member of society only when he is able to answer for what he does. A person must always be responsible for his behavior, his actions, to hold his destiny firmly in hand, to be ready for any tests, to constantly strive for victories in his personal life.

Responsibility is the duty of a person to someone or something. For example, public duty, conscience and honor, life position and attitude towards

others according to public moral norms and principles is a measure of our responsibility to society. In addition, every normal person should be able to control himself, his behavior. Self-education is also a manifestation of responsibility, it shows that a person is already mature enough and spiritually persistent personality.

Many generations of our ancestors lived and acted on the motto “I am responsible for everything!”. Being guided by this slogan, they became real people, capable of feats for the sake of other people, for the sake of the Motherland. During the Great Patriotic War, our compatriots, having lost their legs, fought with the enemy, having learned to control aircraft, and after the war – by cars and tractors, and losing hands did not lose heart and became prominent writers, artists and other famous people.

It should be said that it is quite difficult to fulfill a duty to the family, friends, people around us, to the Motherland. In order to avoid responsibility and perform duties there are quite a few reasons. Sometimes, I do not want to get up early, because I got up late

yesterday, I do not feel like respecting my parents, I do not want to do my homework, because my head hurts, I do not want to do anything, because there are no appropriate conditions for this, and so on. Those who hold such views and live by such rules, unfortunately, do not understand, they should create decent conditions for their lives and this is their responsibility, this determines the level of their responsibility. And it depends only on the person himself, whether he will be able to fulfill his dreams and achieve his goal.

Man is called to live so that her life was not only for personal benefit, but for the benefit of others, for the benefit of her native people, her Motherland. Man is called to answer for his actions not only for himself, but for those whom she loves and respects. And in order to feel like a Person with a capital letter, you need to bring as much joy and happiness in the lives of others and at the same time feel responsible for all your actions and your behavior.

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Composition on the topic of responsibility