Composition on the topic of happiness

It is difficult to talk about such a concept as happiness. For each person the word happiness has its own special meaning, connected with the way its life develops. What is happiness and how to achieve it? Is it in the sense of lightness, joy, peace or happiness measured by the achievements of man? Everyone determines this for himself, and this is the only universal recipe for how to become happy.

For many, happiness is a material asset, a secure life. For spiritually rich people, the possibility of spiritual growth is of great value. Sometimes it seems that happiness is something that is missing or not at all in life. Then a person tries to find it, to make it so that his dreams come true – and this is already happiness for him. The happiness of searching, acting, testing. However, it seems to me that in general for all understanding happiness is harmony.

When there is skewing in some direction, but something completely absent in life, it causes dissatisfaction.

We do not need much in modern life. All have the opportunity to work and provide for themselves with everything necessary. But without a person can not live. Share news, share impressions, learn about new events and interesting facts – all this is inherent in human nature. Besides, it’s a great pleasure to communicate with interesting people. Therefore, each of us (with the exception of people with a complex character or a difficult fate) have friends, and among them necessarily the best, the closest. A person can not be happy without the opportunity to show his feelings.

To love someone sincerely, faithfully and receive the same answer – can a person desire more? It is also very important to have a job that you are interested in, free time that you can spend according to your desires, a family that will always support you. Personally for me, happiness – close people close by, interesting activities, development, the opportunity to learn new things.

In conclusion, it should be said that every person is worthy of being happy, despite the fact that everyone has their own happiness. I would like, that people did not interfere with being happy with each other – they were not insidious, did not envy, did not deceive, because by doing so they do very painfully. I hate when someone next to me suffers. I dream to live in a good world, where everyone is free to build their own happiness.

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Composition on the topic of happiness