What does it mean to “live not a lie”? Is this possible today?

Truth and lies, truth and falsehood – eternal confrontation in the minds and hearts of people. Since childhood, everyone knows that the truth is good, and it is bad to lie and deceive. And worse, live in a state of constant lies, double morals. This destroys the human soul, this leads to tragedy. “Lie is the religion of slaves and masters,” M. Gorky proclaimed through the mouth of his hero Satin.

“To live not on lies” was difficult at all times. And it did not always lead to a happy ending. Anna Karenina did not want to live in perpetual pretense and lies. She left her husband to her beloved. But it is difficult, we need mental forces to resist the world of lies. Anna was broken in the struggle for her life “not by lie.”

Totalitarian regimes that propagandize externally correct life postulates and slogans, in fact, created such a false, deceitful atmosphere that a person who did not want to lie, live a double morality, that is,

“no lie”, was unbearably difficult. Sometimes they did not have a place in their home country. How many persecutions were on the brilliant Akhmatov, Bulgakov, Zoshchenko! Brodsky and Solzhenitsyn were simply thrown out of the country. And all because they did not want to lie in their poetry and prose, to praise an inhuman, anti-human, and thoroughly false regime. Examples of such are not found, and not only in our former great communist empire. Albert Einstein had to emigrate from Fascist Germany, not only because he was not an Aryan. The regime that burned brilliant books, would make a great scientist work for the benefit of this regime.

This is a speech about great people who found the strength to resist a situation where “living” was equal to “lying.” To lie constantly, with words, deeds, soul. And what for each of us means “to live not according to lies”? One of the religious commandments? Norm of life and behavior, relationships with others? State of mind? I think that both the first and second, but especially the third. If honest life is the inner state of a person,

then all his actions will be honest: he will not offend a friend, will not betray him, he will never forget his filial duty for a moment. He will be honest in difficult, critical situations, even if it threatens his personal well-being. For the sake of warmth and satiety, he does not drown the soul with lies, false witness. In all cases, when it is necessary to make a choice, he will do it “not by lie.” And when he is seventy, he will know,

In one case, I admit the possibility of deception: this is the so-called “lie for salvation,” “a lie for good.” But these are special cases when a lie can relieve the dying of the last days of his earthly life.

“To live not according to lies” was possible at all times, even in the most difficult and terrible. Today, we have nothing to threaten a person, so it’s possible to live honestly, as befits a free man in a free country. And this is much easier than our fathers and grandfathers. Although at all times to live this way, courage and loyalty to their moral principles were required. But we must remember how Satin continued the phrase: “Truth is the God of the free man.” This god should be worshiped all his life.

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What does it mean to “live not a lie”? Is this possible today?