Composition on the theme “Snow Maiden”

Victor Vasnetsov wrote his famous painting “The Snow Maiden” more than a hundred years ago, in the distant 1899. The artist began to create his masterpiece commissioned by a single theater, where the production of Ostrovsky’s play with the same title was planned. Literary work was written based on Russian folk art. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that Vasnetsov drew his inspiration in the bright and original fairy tales of our people. The plot of history, by the will of the artist transferred to the canvas, is familiar to many.

The Snow Maiden is a magical character, a pure and beautiful child of two opposites. Her parents are Spring and Frost. The girl is very beautiful, but her beauty is similar to winter snow: as pure, flawless and cold. The Snow Maiden’s heart never knew warm and tender love, but the heroine subconsciously seeks to experience this delightful and dangerous for her feeling. Even if love threatens her with imminent death.

This image, so fragile, unearthly and unimaginably beautiful, could not help but touch the sensitive soul of the true artist. An ingenious master embodied his vision and understanding with the help of paintbrushes and paints.

For the picture “Snow Maiden” the author chose, cold, calm, “winter” tones. Much of the canvas is taken for the image of snow. He immediately attracts attention with his purity. This sparkling veil, given to the earth by mother-winter, has not yet been disturbed by forest animals and birds. And the Snow Maiden’s soul is clean, fresh and untouched, her heart cold and serene, unaware of anxiety and unrest.

The heroine had just emerged from the mysterious thicket into the forest glade illuminated by the moon. The Snow Maiden peers into the distance, as if she wants to see something very important for herself. She’s really beautiful! Her face literally glows with youthful purity and light tenderness. The rich costume of the Snow Maiden, sewed from magnificent brocade, also suited. A charming cap makes the heroine very gentle, touching and feminine.


Snow Maiden is a child of nature, and nature is proud of its magical creation. White snow seems to highlight the picture from below. This artistic technique Vasnetsov further emphasizes the amazing charm of the heroine of the picture. The second plan of the canvas takes the image of a forest, gloomy, mysterious and a little frightening. His mysteriousness personifies the depth of the Russian soul, which many people seek to comprehend, but few people succeed in doing so. Somewhere far away are visible glowing windows of village houses, where life is filled with its meaning.

In the image of the fairy-tale Snow Maiden the author embodied his own idea of ​​true maiden beauty. Beauty, which can not be separated from spiritual purity and depth. Vasnetsov’s masterpiece attracts with its sincerity, lyricism and penetration of feelings.

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Composition on the theme “Snow Maiden”