Composition on the theme “Summer Forest”

Summer Forest – one must be able to see its beauty.

Summer! Summer vacation! Summer freedom! What to do in the summer? Of course, go to the country, in the village, closer to nature, closer to the forest. How pleasant are the walks through the summer forest. It is necessary to go quietly in the forest and listen. Then you can hear many wonderful sounds, which in city noise never happens. For example, a woodpecker will start knocking and hammering. Or the cuckoo will sneeze. Or frogs in the swamp quack. If there are swampy places in the forest, it is better not to approach them. And settle in a halt on a dry beautiful clearing somewhere near the creek. Despite the fact that it’s hot, the water in the stream may turn out to be quite cold, so do not rush to bathe in it at once, try water with your hand.

You walk through the forest – do not yawn, strain your eyes: in a good forest and berries, and there are mushrooms. You just need to be able to see them.

Sometimes a mushroom grows in a conspicuous place and simply screams with its own appearance: “Here I am! Take me, grab!” Itself is red, with a white dot on the cap. From a distance it can be seen: fly agaric. And to find a good mushroom, we must try. Carefully inspect the grass near the birches to notice the dark brown velvet slag of the boletus. Do not miss mossy hummocks near oaks and pine trees to see the white fungus. Getting to raspberries and blackberries is also not easy – it’s because the bushes are prickly, so you should wear a shirt with a long sleeve in advance. And get to the blackberry cautiously. But it’s delicious!

In summer, there are lots of flowers and flowers in the forest, but they should not be collected: in the city vases they are not for long, the day – and wither. What for then such beauty to spoil? But you can take a picture of them. Now everyone has a camera, so if you do not forget to take it to the forest, you will be able to take such pictures that the whole class will then be surprised when you show them at school: “Is it such a beauty in our forest?” And we did not notice! ” We must be able to see the beautiful side by side.

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Composition on the theme “Summer Forest”