Painting by Popov “The First Snow”

Probably everyone has their favorite season. First of all, we recall a warm summer or a joyful spring. But in the picture of the famous Russian artist Popov, one of the first days of winter is depicted so lightly and with love that he begins to want this cold time to come soon.

A simple description of the painting “First Snow” Popova may not interest the viewer, because there are no bright colors or any exotic landscapes. The picture shows the most common street of a small town. The first snow has just dropped out, it still continues to go in large, fluffy flakes. One can see ancient one-storeyed and two-storey houses painted with yellow and gray paint, near one of them a low tree grows. There are cozy semi-circular balconies. Probably, life here is very calm and measured. This is understandable by the fact that on the freshly fallen snow on the road, we do not see any traces – in the morning almost no one passed here. Only three girl-friends ran out of the near

house and, holding hands, spinning on a deserted street.

I think that Popov found a successful color solution for his painting, because muffled gray-white-yellow tones convey a sense of peace and immutability of life on the urban outskirts. In addition, these colors allow the viewer to focus on the main element of the picture. These are the figures of three girls who, against the background of white snow, look like a bright spot that attracts attention. Their pinkish hats and stockings serve as an additional color contrast.

Who are these girls? We do not know anything about them, but we can see their sincere joy. They did not even have time to dress in the winter, so they hurried to jump out into the street to a snow miracle. The light white dress of the girl on the left flutters from the dance, and she herself resembles a flying snowflake. You look at them and immediately remember how much good the winter brings with it. Playing snowballs, skating and sledging, and most importantly – fabulous New Year holidays. At this time, it will not be exactly boring! And the dancing girls, spinning in a dance,

seem to bring this holiday closer.

Fun and the dog, who ran after her mistress. She stands a little away from the girls and watches them closely. So far, she has not dared to join their gay game, but there is no doubt that in a few minutes her friends will pay attention to her. Then the quiet street will be filled with merry dog ​​barking and ringing laughter. Meanwhile, the snow silently falls on the houses, the tree and the girls, dressing all equally fluffy winter cover.

Very interesting is the foreshortner chosen by the artist for his painting. The viewer looks at the street as if from above, from the window of one of the houses. From here the street is visible, as if on the palm of your hand, it lies before the view as a blank, not yet written sheet. And if you look at the snow longer, you can see passing by, see who writes on the white sheets of a new street story. This awakens the imagination, gives the opportunity to imagine yourself as an observer from the window. And what could be a room in a house in such a quiet street? How it is furnished, is it in it old furniture and some things with which the house immediately becomes cozy, as in a fairy tale? Maybe this is another girlfriend of these girls peeking out of the window, in order to run down to them in a minute? Or is their good-looking grandmother glancing at the pranksters – have they not frozen yet,

Here such a fairy tale can come up as you write an essay on the painting “The First Snow” by Popov. And, I think, this is the main indicator that the painting was a success for the artist, if you look at her, the imagination wakes up.

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Painting by Popov “The First Snow”