Winter Forest (composition reasoning)

Winter is originally a very beautiful time of year, but what a delight comes when its beauty visits the forest. There are many reasons why one should admire this picture, but it is better to simply describe it, then the sensations that arise when the forest is seen in the winter time will be most closely communicated.

Winter forest is like a huge palace, where winter lives, stern trees, like guards, stand still, dressed in icy armor, which they created frost. Everything is covered with shiny snow, like a carpet, it seems fluffy and soft, but actually burns the cold. If you stay in the forest alone, you can hear the wind howling uncontrollably, it brings new snow.

Yes, it is not in vain so many personifications, because the winter forest seems alive, everything is rustling, cracking from the frost, and it seems that these old trees are creaking because they are tired of standing in one place for years. Indeed, there is a feeling that the frost is deliberately roaming the

forest, leaving its signs. And about the snow carpet-like someone from snowflakes, like a yarn, wove this miracle, so much so that it flashes fabulously.

Describing the winter forest involuntarily there are thoughts of mysticism in it. But the truth, because of the falling snow, creates a sense of fog, and it seems that the forest is impassable far reaches, the abode of darkness and something mysterious. Particularly beautiful and fascinating is the winter forest on a moonlit night. Moonlight, making its way through the snow creates a bright sparkle, and you begin to believe that along this path you can reach the very moon. How can you forget about the nocturnal sounds of the winter forest? At night there is a silence, which in life we ​​nowhere to catch. The rumor is aggravated and the deepest sounds of the forest can be heard: the eagle owls somewhere, the snow creaks in the distance, a quiet whisper of the wind among the trees.

And yet, if you just look at the forest without going into its secrets and trying to give it mysticism, it’s a very beautiful natural place, fluffy fir trees under the snow, you want to come there and just listen to the creaks of the snow from the steps. The frost bites her cheeks, and the beauty around her, and it’s like the cold inhabits everything. In the winter forest, special air, so light, refreshingly cold.

You can tell a lot about the forest in winter, you can describe it in different colors, but it’s better to just go and go to this amazing place to personally enjoy the masterpiece of nature.

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Winter Forest (composition reasoning)