How we built a snow hill

Somehow once we with my friend wanted to build a snow slide. And how to build it we did not know! And so we went to the library for a book “How to build a snow slide correctly.” It was not interesting for us to read the foreword and we started with the fact that we need to do this. It needed a shovel, enough snow and cold water. All this was, and the air temperature was about twenty degrees below zero.

We took everything strictly according to the instructions and started to build a slide with the book. They took a wide snow shovel, raked the snow into a high heap. Then they shaped our creation. The width of the slide turned out about one and a half meters, the height decided to do not very big, but very long – ???? fifteen meters.

We did not make sideboards, they formed themselves when we began to fill the hill with water. We poured from the hose, although it was possible from the watering can. In order not to spoil all our labors, we used cold water.

After the first watering, we let the water freeze, then we poured the hill a few more times, until the ice surface turned out to be even without the mounds.

And after a while, as soon as the ice was completely frozen, we started skating!

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How we built a snow hill