“The End of Winter” composition

The forest in winter is not as beautiful as in other seasons. Trees are all without leaves, only spruce, trees and trees from the conifer family all year round are green. If there is no snow, then the forest looks gray-brown, as there are many dried brown leaves on the ground, which rustle under your feet when walking. Where the winter forest looks more beautiful, if the snow lies. All around is white, branches of trees and their crowns in white snow. In winter, the forest is quiet and peaceful. Write the winter read.

Particularly beautiful in winter in the forest, if there is snow and the sun shines. When the rays of the sun fall on the snow, it so glows that it is impossible to look at it. When the sun shines in the forest, its inhabitants become more active. From different trees comes the singing of birds, which did not fly away to warm lands. I like to remember the forest and write the composition of the forest in winter. Sometimes it is seen how the squirrels jumping on branches

of trees. Because of the trees there are hares that are almost invisible because of their white wool. The forest in winter is beautiful in its own way.

Although the winter is beautiful in its own way, I look forward to its end and the beginning of spring. When the heat comes and the cold ends. At the end of winter, when the sun is shining, it is felt that it warms more and the snow begins to melt faster. When the end of winter comes all around begin to rejoice at the changes that soon the cold, snow, rains will pass and warm weather will begin when it is possible to take off warm clothes and put on something less warm. I wanted on vacation to write the composition of the end of winter.

Animals at the end of winter begin to throw off their warm wool, and people in the end of winter begin to get light clothes from their wardrobe. I remember, it happened so at the end of winter, that the sun was constantly shining, about 7-10 days and the average temperature rose to 15-18 degrees, and in the sun much more. My friends and I went out just in sweaters, without jackets, and played hide and seek, catch, catch me or the chicks. At some moments we were even very hot, because the sun was shining. But this end of winter is not always and very rarely…

It often happens that at the end of winter there is wet snow, which falls to the ground and almost immediately conceals. Everywhere there are large puddles, which can be difficult to bypass. Everything around is wet, damp and uncomfortable in the street. Therefore, the end of winter is not the best and my favorite period.

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“The End of Winter” composition