Composition on the theme “Landscape”

Each time of the year is colored for me: winter-in silver-blue, spring-in dirty-pink, summer-in yellow-orange, but only autumn represents a whole range of colors-from beige to brown. Autumn is painted for me in the warmest ©. look whole

Winter has come. It became cold. Soft, fluffy snow covered the earth with a white veil. Rivers and streams were frozen. Many birds flew to distant hot countries. Hamsters, chipmunks and even bears went to bed until the spring. But bright winter bullfucks welcome us in winter. look whole

In the fall, the first snow falls. It almost always comes unexpectedly. Wake up in the morning – everything is white all around. The earth seemed to be dressed in a dazzling white dress. The first snow does wonders. How he transforms everything around! You will see the river in it. look whole

Now January is the middle of winter. Since morning the bright sun shines on the blue clear sky. The snow shimmers with a multicolored rainbow, a light frost. On such a day it’s nice to get on skis and go to the winter fairy forest. It is unusually quiet here. Mysteriously standing spruce. look whole

Snowy patterns are very diverse. Sometimes it’s just some snowflakes, and sometimes huge drawings. If you look closely, you can see a very funny picture. You can see the wave that covers the small boat. Once in a snowy pattern on the window. look whole

Summer began. My mother told me very nice news that we are going to St. Petersburg. I was very happy because I never went by train and was not in St. Petersburg. On the train we went for a day and a half. Finally, we are in the northern capital of Russia. On. look whole

Autumn is gradually giving up its rights to winter. In the morning it’s already very cold, here and there the first frost appears. In the afternoon, the sun tries to warm up the air, but, probably, he no longer has the strength. In all, the frosty breath of winter is felt.

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Composition on the theme “Landscape”