My favourite time of the year

Winter is a wonderful time. From the sky, a soft, fluffy snow falls down in large flakes. All the streets are in snowdrifts. Houses, trees – everything is covered with a thick layer of snow.

It seems to me that only Russian winter is really beautiful. She seemed to have come down from a holiday card drawn by a talented artist. Only Russian winter can boast not only its cold, but also its fabulous beauty.

However, I like winter not only for its beautiful nature. In winter we can ski, skate, sled. All the parks are crowded with people. The queues line up at the ticket offices on the ice slides, on the ice rink, on the ski track. In winter everything becomes fabulous.

I like to go out with friends, play snowballs. Sometimes we build a snowman, a snowman or a Santa Claus with a Snow Maiden. Only the winter presents us so many different activities. In the winter I do not want to stay at home, I want to walk, frolic, have fun.

Moreover, winter is the main holiday, the New Year! Both adults and children are looking forward to this day. People decorate the Christmas tree, light the lights, decorate houses, shops, schools, parks. Everyone is buying gifts to one another. This is a truly magical winter mood!

That’s why I love winter so much. Let it be the cold season, but still it is the best and the most beautiful.

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My favourite time of the year