Vrubel “The Swan Princess” composition

Vrubel “The Swan Princess” composition

I really love to consider the creative work of artists who passed on the canvases of heroes of Russian epics and fairy tales. One of my favorite artists is Vrubel Mikhail Alexandrovich, from under the creative brush of which the brilliant work “The Swan Princess” was released.

The image of the heroine of the canvas is taken from one of Pushkin’s most famous tales, Alexander Sergeevich. Looking at the picture, double emotions overwhelm me. At one point, I admire the fairytale maiden, who is so immensely depicted on the canvas. And, at another moment, I see an infinite sadness in her eyes, and this makes my whole body creepy.

The Swan Princess is depicted in a chic white robes that develops in the wind. On her head the viewer sees a beautiful kokoshnik, which is decorated with precious stones. It is so majestic and inaccessible, proud and exalted. The princess is completely inaccessible to ordinary people and other fairy tale heroes.

Her expressive eyes are so sad. I think she is unhappy in her expensive clothes. Most likely, it is closed in such a majestic image and does not dare to take it off and reveal its soul.

The Swan Princess was heading somewhere and, suddenly, stopped and looked back. She peers into the distance, where ordinary people live and walk. Perhaps she says goodbye to a loved one who is not available to her. I can not say for sure. The emotions on her face tell me that the Tsarevna would like to say something, say, open her soul. But, this does not happen. And her eyes are just overwhelmed with sadness.

The background of the picture is made in dark tones, most likely in order for it to clearly and clearly see the image of the heroine. She is so tender and fragile, like a heavenly angel, who descends to people. Her appearance captivates viewers. I admire this work of Mikhail Vrubel. I really like her.

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Vrubel “The Swan Princess” composition