A composition based on Vasnetsov’s “Winter Dream”

In the picture “Winter Dream” AM Vasnetsov depicts the edge of the winter forest. On the left side there are clear lines of the path left from the sledge, which are directed towards the slightly visible village in the distance. The snow gently lies with a large fluffy blanket on the shaggy paws of tall perennial, and very small, newly grown spruce.

There is a ringing silence that can easily be broken by any rustle of a falling branch or a crunch of snow under the feet of a hare that has run past. The depth of the forest, which is on the right hand side, beckons, and at the same time a little scares.

Already evening. The orange-lemon tone of the sky smoothly turns into bluish shades of snowdrifts. Tranquility and silence reign around. The work features inherent features of modernism. This is evidenced by giving the painting some artificiality and fabulousness, as well as the addition of volume to individual elements of the image.

The author specially added some color detail to some details of the image and allocated their outline. Due to this, immediately begins to feel the fluffiness of snow and fierce frost. I want to play snowballs and make a snowman. The author managed to betray the depth and feelings in this work.

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A composition based on Vasnetsov’s “Winter Dream”