Painting by K. Yuon “The End of Winter, Noon”

In front of me is a picture of the remarkable Russian artist KF Yuon “The End of Winter, Noon”. I like this beautiful picture. It can be seen that the artist is very fond of nature, knows how to see and convey its beauty.

In the center of the picture is a sad birch tree with thin bare branches at the very top. A blue shadow falls from her on the snow. On the right are thick spruce trees. On the left is a wooden hut. It is quite simple, without any ornaments, snow creeps down from its roof. Near the hut, in the sun, there are modest birches. They are waiting for spring, because they are tired of the winter cold.

From the cottage there is a ramshackle fence, near which there are four. It seems they are the last time this winter they want to roll down the slides. And on a small friable snowdrift there are motley chickens and search for seeds in melted snow. Traces of chicken paws are clearly visible on the snowdrift.

In the blue distance, a dark forest can be seen. Probably, he is also happy that it is the end of winter, that there are many thawing patches. There is no sun in the picture, but we feel its golden light and warmth. The whole picture is filled with the joy of waiting for spring. I think that the artist himself experienced this feeling and managed to pass it on to those who look closely at the picture.

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Painting by K. Yuon “The End of Winter, Noon”