Composition on the theme “Description of nature”

Winter is the coldest of all seasons. However, many are waiting for her with impatience. Cracking frosts are shackled by the ice of the river, forming a skating rink. A white snow blanket wraps the earth so it does not freeze. All nature falls asleep for the winter, the trees are released from the leaves, the grass withers, most representatives of the animal world hide in burrows, stockpiling, or go into hibernation.

In the courtyards of residential buildings, the landscape changes. There are many ice slides. A wonderful lesson is sledding or littering on such a hill. Only the noise comes from the joyful exclamations of the children. Here and there a ski track is laid. Walking on skis is not a job for weaklings, certain skills and physical training are required.

In the days of the thaw, when snow becomes sticky, a lot of snowmen appear. They are all very different, big, small, with buckets, carrots, brooms and various additions that are right nearby. And what snow fortresses

can be seen in winter. By fantasizing and using the acquired knowledge, children build real snow castles.

The trees are hung with feeding troughs made of various materials. This is for birds that did not fly away to winter in hot countries, but remained in their homeland. After all, in the winter season it is very problematic to find yourself food. But very often from the window you can see the important red-breasted bullfinches, which due to their bright coloration are very noticeable in the winter.

The days in winter are very short, but it does not stop to enjoy the beauty of winter nature. On a frosty, clear day, when the sun shines particularly brightly, everything glitters and shines. Transparent frosty air makes breathing difficult and nuzzles. Beautiful birches in their silver decoration. There are days when everything is covered with hoarfrost: wires, benches, branches of trees. On such days wonderful patterns are formed on the windows. They make the windows fabulously beautiful, similar to the product of delicate crystal.

From the roofs hung an amazing variety of various forms of icicles. In the sun they shine and shimmer with different colors. But you can not look at them for a long time, when everything is white and silvery around, then your eyes will be blind, even put on your dark glasses.

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Composition on the theme “Description of nature”