Composition on the theme “Winter Day”

I like winter. Every year I’m really looking forward to the first snow. With his dazzling whiteness, he transforms everything around. It is impossible not to admire the trees, the branches of which were still bare yesterday, and now they are covered with white-white snow or hoarfrost.

Snow covers the delicate lace dirty from the autumn slush path, lonely flower beds, dark gray roofs of houses. The snow-white shroud falls on everything around and can not but rejoice the eye.

And what a pleasure to watch as the snow falls! Especially I like to watch the unique dance of snowflakes in the light of evening lights, to watch them like moths swarming under a street lamp. And I also like to walk in the evening on a snow-white path, on which there are no traces yet, and to listen to the snow creaking under my feet, to admire its magical flicker.

In the winter morning it’s so cool to open the window and take a deep breath of fresh frosty air. Every winter I hung on a tree in our yard a trough. Every day I put a feast for her feathers in her, and then I watch from the window how they “eat lunch”.

Winter days are also severe. If a snowstorm blows in the street or a burning wind blows, then I enjoy spending time at home reading a book or watching an interesting film. And in good weather I adore to sculpt snowmen and build snow castles in the yard. I have many friends, and on a fine winter day we all ride a toboggan from the big mountain. And after such a walk we go to each other’s house, drink hot tea with sweets and remember how cool we had fun.

The best winter day, of course, I consider the New Year. I always look forward to this holiday, because I like to decorate a tree, receive and give gifts.

Every winter day is good in its own way. There is no time for boredom in the winter.

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Composition on the theme “Winter Day”