Composition on the theme of forest

An exciting work on the forest takes the reader’s imagination into a thick, forest thicket that beckons with its enchanting wildness and the diversity of the plant and animal world. The always troublesome inhabitants of the forest are not always visible to the tourist, but they live a full life, while the forest vegetation changes with the endless course of the seasons.

Everyone knows that the unique beauty of the forests not only pleases the eye, but also saturates the planet with oxygen. The more green spaces will surround cities and grow in them, the more benefits and enjoyment people will get.

The forest is very different and at times unpredictable. You can go on a merry walk, or for mushroom berries, accidentally get lost in the forest more often, a long time to hoot and look around. And suddenly, out of nowhere, the right path will appear, which will lead to a forest cannon.

The spring forest is very beautiful and fresh. Young greens just begin to cover

the tangled branches of trees, and bird families are already diligently making cozy nests for future babies. Affectionate sun penetrates into the most secluded corners of the forest, in order to warm every blade of grass and insect with its warmth.

By the middle of summer the forest becomes thick, cool and very mysterious. From dawn to dark, along the running paths, invisible forest dwellers scurry about. They hiss, growl, grunt, echo and crack without stopping. Blossoming glades and bushes, dotted with wild raspberries and blackberries, attract the attention of collectors of herbs and useful forest berries.

With the onset of autumn, mushroom pickers come to the forest. With baskets, baskets and backpacks, they flash through the trees, revealing every found mushroom with enthusiastic screams. Autumnal foliage covers the forest paths with motley ribbons of carpet paths. The forest becomes light and transparent.

The winter forest looks charming. Similar to a frozen crystal fairy tale, it sparkles with silver reflections of frost and pearl scraps of icicles under the cold rays of the winter sun.

Whenever you wander into the forest, he will always meet you with the open arms of age-old fir trees, the good-natured grumbling of a wise eagle owl and the cheerful overflow of bird’s trills.

We should all try very hard and save our wonderful forests in their unique beauty for future generations.

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Composition on the theme of forest