Composition “Walking through the forest”

Have you ever been in a forest? In the real forest with its smells, sounds, pictures? If you were not, I sincerely sympathize with you… It’s a real pleasure to walk in the woods and feel all its charms. Especially the forest is good in autumn! I will try for you to create this picture.

Imagine that you are walking in the autumn forest. Look around – what a beauty! All trees are multicolored: red, yellow, yellow-green, as if an invisible artist picked up a magic brush and paints and decided to decorate the forest to your taste. In some places, he poured a red, orange paint – turned “scarlet autumn.” Heard such a name? “The forest is crimson with its crimson dress…”, wrote AS Pushkin. And on the other trees, this artist did not regret the yellow shades – here’s to you and “Golden Autumn” (this is the name of one of Levitan’s paintings).

Autumn brings its gifts. How many different mushrooms

can be found if you look closely! Here is a huge filbert, apparently unnoticed by an inattentive mushroom picker, its crimson hat merging with the withered grass and fallen leaves. But the old stump, on which the “hordes” hover, so many of them that it seems that they get out of each other. Here are the little bunnies, so strong, beautiful, it’s hard to resist not to touch them with your hand. It is a pity that we did not take baskets with us, the harvest would be good! Red clusters of mountain ash as a light flash through the trees. No longer summer, but still bright sun shines through its rays through the rare foliage and creates the illusion of a haze in the gaps between the trees.

The leaves have not yet fallen, but the air already feels the real autumn. A special smell fills everything around. It smells of mushrooms and juicy cranberries, but the juniper bush pulls its inviting scent. The smell of dry bark of trees and spruce needles is intertwined with the musty smell of green moss. The fragrance of the last, already wilted flowers, faintly reaches us.

The world of sounds of the autumn

forest fascinates even more. The quiet rustle of dry fallen leaves becomes so familiar that you do not even notice it. Somewhere, an unknown bird screamed. A light breeze ran over the tops of the trees, creating a small rumble, something like the sound of a coastal sea wave. High in the sky can be heard the cry of cranes, gathering a wedge and going to warmer lands. There was a sharp knock of the woodpecker and the restless chatter of the magpies. All this creates a special “music” – music of the forest, unusual, beautiful, bewitching…

Autumn forest lures us with its beauty. How pleasant it is to walk along a narrow path, gently rustle with leaves, breathe in all the flavors that nature gives us. This walk gives a good rest: here you forget about all things, about work, about problems.

It becomes calm and joyful from the realization of what surrounds you. There comes peace, there is lightness in thought, cares and sorrows go away. Breathe freely.

Be sure to visit the forest in the autumn! Recognize the beauty of autumn nature! Get a real treat!

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Composition “Walking through the forest”