Composition “Winter Forest”

When winter comes, everything changes. Nature feels that it is time to take a break from the luxurious decorations. She dresses up in everything white and beautiful. The forest is covered with snow flakes, which endlessly fall on the tops of trees. On the green needles of pine and fir trees appear barely noticeable icicles. Around everything is beautiful and incredible. It seems that the forest turns into a fairy tale.

Every tree hurries to put on a new outfit. Each animal becomes fluffy and agile. The forest is changing. The white veil covers everything that sees. This makes the trees fabulous. Each of their twig shines in the sun and attracts a lot of attention. If you look closely, you can see how the snowflakes twist and fall on the trails. They decorate everything around.

The winter forest is incredible, it attracts people with its mystery. Here every twig and every bush seemed to have gathered in itself the whole beauty of winter. Snow neatly decorates trees, dresses them in white fur coats. They look very happy and content. People who come to the forest notice this. Everyone wants to touch incredible decorations.

Even the animals wear new fur coats. Hare becomes white, they do not want to stand out. Only light fur can hide them from predators. The wood knows this, and he dresses only in white. It helps small animals to find peace.

Once visiting such a forest, it’s hard to forget about it. He enchants with his purity and integrity. Every wind blow or twig movement brings something new. No power can destroy the beauty that is created by nature. It is unique and turns everything around like a different world. This mysterious life of the forest opens only for a moment, but it is already difficult to forget.

Only in winter does a real fairy tale begin, which only the most attentive can read.

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Composition “Winter Forest”