“The Forest is Our Wealth” essay

The common home for all of us is the Earth – a unique planet of the solar system and, possibly, the entire universe. The uniqueness of the Earth is that there is life here.

Our Earth is a huge spaceship. Comparing the Earth with the spacecraft, it should be noted that, for both spacecraft and Earth, the question of life support is common. We – the inhabitants of the Earth – usually do not pay attention to it. The man went from hunter-gatherer to producer. Perhaps, on this path the man’s first achievement was mastering him with fire. It was from this moment on that the harmony of man and nature was violated, and the man himself resolutely embarked on his own development path and created civilization.

Our country is rightly considered the greatest forest power in the world – forty-five percent of the Russian Federation is occupied by forests. And what forests! Ship pine and the greatest Siberian cedar, birch, spruce. Forest is the source of strength

and power of Russians. The spirit of the people, its age-old historical background, are strongly associated with the forest. Dwellings, household utensils, tools and battles, food and clothing, children’s cradles and women’s jewelry – all this provided people with wood.

Indeed, the forest can be called without any exaggeration the “green gold” of Russia. The forest gives the person raw materials – wood, which has application in many branches of industry: fuel, chemical, light; wood is traditionally used for construction in everyday life – for the manufacture of household items, utensils.

It is impossible to overestimate the ecological significance of forests: they are called “lungs” of the planet, since they are a source of oxygen in the atmosphere; evaporation, produced by trees, humidifies the air and softens the climate, so the forest has an important climatoregulatory significance. It should not be forgotten that the forest serves as a haven and home to a huge number of animals and plants, and for individual species – the only suitable

habitat. Forest is also a source of other values. It serves as a source of technical, medicinal and food raw materials.

Alas, we are witnessing a completely different attitude to our main national wealth. Uncontrolled felling and removal of valuable wood species, an unacceptable minimum of reforestation – all this and much more destroys the country’s forestry.

The forests also have a lot of problems. First, forest trees, like humans, suffer from diseases caused by parasitic organisms and unfavorable environmental conditions; The forest is also harmed by insects that feed on damaged trees first, and then pass on to healthy ones; often forest fires cover huge areas. These problems can be effectively combated: it is necessary to keep the forest in good sanitary condition, there should be no damaged, fallen and rotting trees, stumps, branches, it should not be flooded and poisoned by pollution of the environment. The most effective measures to protect forests from diseases, pests and fires are now simple sanitary cleaning of wood from deadwood and debris and explanatory work among the population conducted by students of schools and universities,

The next problem of Russian forests is a catastrophic decrease in the number of trees resulting from cutting down. The forest is cut for various purposes: some for industrial processing, some for export, and some for land clearing for agricultural land and roads.

In summer, when many people prefer outdoor recreation, there is a large number of fires, and the fire can be insignificant, and the result of it – deplorable. During a drought, fires occur and large areas are burned, and it is almost impossible to extinguish such a fire, it can be suspended. It would seem that such minor destruction of forests for our great country is not a problem, but considering the damage separately, regarding settlements and their common territory, it turns out that the damage is even very significant: people, industry, economy suffer. But this is only one problem of using forest resources. Now more companies are engaged in the construction of elite houses, cottages on the site of forests, so there is a logging of trees at a convenient place and the construction of these estates.

Forest continues, as a century ago, to give us the main wealth – wood. Wood still produces household utensils, furniture, stationery, musical instruments, toys. The forest continues to give us housing. Nowadays the tree is very actively used as a building material, rather expensive. In addition, the forest is a shelter for many forest dwellers. While preserving the rational process of deforestation, we do not risk losing its inhabitants, as they are no less valuable for all of us.

Still it is necessary to remember that the forest is not only an invaluable gift of nature, but its beauty, the embodiment of life and health. Each object of nature, bright or modest, big or small, is attractive in its own way.

The beauty of the native nature reveals the beauty of human labor, gives birth to the desire to make your land even more beautiful. Therefore, man protects and multiplies natural wealth, how much labor he invests to make all forests happy. And to protect it is the duty of each of us. It is impossible to describe even the most beautiful words of beauty of our beautiful forests. People just need to try to see their beauty and descendants. So let’s save the wealth of our nature – our forests!

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“The Forest is Our Wealth” essay