Composition on the theme of the seasons

Seasons are four amazing seasons, each unique and charming in its own way. Awakening the living world, spring, fragrant summer, graceful autumn and severe winter. Nature in all seasons is incredibly beautiful, like a fairy princess, trying on different clothes.

Whatever the weather in the yard, whether rainy, rainy or hot, it conveys the mood and colors of your season. Therefore, if we look at the window differently, then regardless of the rain or sleet, we want to rejoice and appreciate the opportunity that nature gives us, changing to the seasons.

Spring awakening

In the spring nature wakes up after a long winter’s sleep: every day it gets warmer, everything turns green just before our eyes, and in the forest you can even more often meet animals and hear the joyful chirping of birds. In the beginning of spring there is not enough snow, but there are still cloudy days.

The appearance of snowdrops means that the spring has fully entered its rights. It’s

already warming up, there are more sunny days, soon a shallow rain begins to water the blooming trees. Everyone is looking forward with great impatience to the first May thunderstorm, which notifies that a warm and sunny summer has come.

The Green Summer Kingdom

In summer the meadows are covered with a fragrant plant cloth, and the gardens are pleased with the riot of colors – everything turns into a green summer kingdom. It is at this time of year that nature shows all its wealth. A summer night – a special time, when you can enjoy the distant stars, falling asleep under the open sky.

The high temperature of the air and the scorching sun force people to look for tenechka under the majestic crowns of trees. Bearing a short-term relief from the summer rain, you can see the real miracle of nature – the rainbow. But the beginners gradually yellowing the leaves already report that the autumn is ahead.

Gloomy autumn

Autumn is a gloomy time, when you do not want to leave the house because of constant rains. The weather at this time of the year is constantly changing:

there is a bright sun above your head, and after a moment the sky was tightened with thick clouds – a downpour began.

But in the autumn nature is incredibly beautiful, because the golden leaves falling from the trees create an amazing atmosphere. With interest you can watch birds that fly away to winter in warm regions, and for animals preparing for hibernation. All is well, while the autumn forest is painted with golden colors, but soon the bare trees with sadness note that winter will come soon.

Severe Winter Rules

Winter – a real snow queen: it covers everything around with fluffy snow, bringing a lot of joy. But this time of the year has its own harsh rules, which must be taken into account: long blizzard nights are replaced by short, non-sunny days. In winter, nature becomes silent – the animals are dormant, even the chirping of birds can not be heard.

But still at this time of year nature is beautiful in its own way: a white fluffy tablecloth extends for many kilometers, snow crunches underfoot and lies on the branches of trees like a white pillow. But soon the streams will start to shake and the snowdrops will break through, like the news about the imminent spring.

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Composition on the theme of the seasons