Composition on the theme of my city

Since childhood, I live in a small city, if you want, you can bypass it in a couple of hours, despite its size, it is spacious and clean. Let there are few beautiful streets and sights, no drawbridges and skyscrapers, I love my city. There are many cozy yards, dear places and, of course, native people. My friends live here, here is my favorite school.

Most of all I love our park, it’s always very beautiful, when you go into it in autumn, you fall into the golden kingdom, the paths are strewn with bright yellow maple leaves, golden coins rustle in the trees. In winter here everything is snow-white, trees stand in downy hats, snow glistens. In the spring everything gradually comes to life, and in summer all the colors of the rainbow can be seen in the park, and the joyful laughter of the children is heard all the time.

I love the fact that there are not a huge number of machines and enterprises that pollute the air. Unlike big cities, my city is devoid of fuss, noise, kilometer traffic jams.

My city is built on a picturesque place, it stands on the Volga River, near the town there is a pine forest, where in the warm season you can always find mushrooms and berries, and near the city are wide fields and meadows, many birch groves. Townspeople are proud of the nature of their city. All guests of the city celebrate the natural wealth of our region.

Maybe, when I finish school, I will go to another city, but I know for sure that I will never forget my native city, and I will be happy to come here.

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Composition on the theme of my city