Winter forest

Almost every day off we spend in the forest, where our family has its own treasured paths. Entering the forest, we greet the familiar trees. We even gave names to trees that we loved. The age-old oak-bogatyr bears the name of the fairy-tale king Berendey, the birch tree is called the Snow Maiden. But the Christmas tree-teenagers along the path to the forest lake of Chernoe got the name of Zelenushka’s Girlfriend. Once we helped local forestry workers collect acorns. They were then sent to other forest districts to obtain oak seedlings.

In winter, the oak of Berendey is asleep, but when you touch the trunk with your hand, you will feel that the bark is warm. In its folds, various insects find shelter, and the nast under the oak tree is covered with brown carved foliage. Wind dry oak leaves lifts and brings into the spruce. They, like New Year’s decoration, hid in the needles of the Christmas tree girlfriends-Zelenushek. In addition to oak trees, dry leaves of birches,

maples, and aspen are hiding in the Christmas tree branches. In the warm season, Zelenushka’s girlfriends seem unattractive, some visitor of the forest probably will not pay attention to them. Can they compare with the majestic oak Berendey or with the beautiful birch Snow Maiden!

In winter everything changes. The dark green of the needles attracts a glance, it kind of warms you in the cold. So we decided on the eve of New Year to decorate Podruzhek-Zelenyshek with a colorful serpentine. Imagine our surprise when, having come on the next day off into the forest, we did not see one of the Zelenushka Podruzhek in the usual place. The tree was cut down by someone… There was a sad snow cap on the stump, sparrows were sitting on the next tree. It seemed that they also grieved with us. We, of course, decorated the serpentine with the remaining Christmas trees. And when they returned home, they bought a small Christmas tree in a tub in the store. It is still so small that we did not decorate it. She will spend the winter in our apartment, and in the spring we will take herringbone to the forest and plant a felled tree instead. There will be a new sister for Zelenushka’s Girlfriends.

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Winter forest