Composition “Forest in the Summer”

It’s very interesting to visit the forest in the summer. In general, the summer forest is very beautiful. As soon as you enter it, the feeling of a fairy tale immediately appears. Everything here is different from the usual. A lot of trees pull their branches high toward the sun. Therefore, it seems like a green canopy over your head. The sun shines through the leaves with a soft greenish light. There are thawed patches of open terrain, the sun shines brightly there. Under the feet of a soft carpet grass is spread. The grass is small only on the path, because it was pressed. And if you get off the trail, you’ll end up in the green sea of ​​grass. A walk through the summer forest always leaves pleasant impressions. How wonderful it is to walk there where you did not touch the car. Here and breathe is much easier. The air is more oxygenated and enriched with the scents of the forest. After such a walk you feel rested.

If there is a desire to sit in the forest, then

everything is simple. Walking, pay attention to how the trees grow, here it is thick, and here is a clearing. It seems that nature itself has taken care of that there are places for rest. Here it is a small meadow, like an island of untouched grass. You can sit down on the ground without being afraid to get dirty. How is it great. You sit there, enjoying peace, and over the trees the trees closed their crowns as if they wanted to protect themselves from the sun. And it is not hot in the forest because of this.

In addition to a wonderful walk, you can also check your attentiveness. Mushrooms grow under the trees. And if the person is observant, then he will not leave the forest empty-handed. Looking closely you can find a mushroom. Here he stands under the tree, beautiful what. Look at the brown hat, as if from velvet and a white sturdy leg. This is the best mushroom. White is called. From this gift of the forest, my mother will cook a wonderful soup. A white mushroom can be found only by an attentive mushroom picker. After all, he does not just grow on the path, but hides himself. Even the color of the cap is specially

designed to merge with the needles and last year’s foliage. Well, not all mushrooms are so cunning. Vaughn grows a beautiful bright mushroom. You can not pass this way. It must be a real handsome man: a bright red hat in white peas, and under it a wavy skirt. That’s how smart he is. Yes, only it is impossible. And even better, do not touch it with your hands. It’s a fly agaric. He can poison his poison.

When you walk through the forest, you can hear it all the time, like a magpie screams. This bird does not stop for a minute. It is as if all forest residents warn that a guest has come to the forest.

But not always the trail in the forest is clearly visible. Here are some prickly thickets. And berries on prickly bushes on raspberry are similar only to black color. What is it? This is a blackberry. Although the hands hurt the scratches bushes, but the berries are very tasty. Walking through the woods you need to look carefully at the road. Right under your feet you can see strawberries. Her berries are small. But you can not pass by them – they are bright as sparks. The taste is very good. And if you collect a lot of them, then your mother will cook a tasty jam from them for the winter.

Here’s how many tasty and useful things you can find by taking a walk through the forest. But the truth is not always possible to get something delicious. But even if it is, the walk will still be useful. After all, in addition to berries and mushrooms in the forest, many flowers grow, which also have useful properties. This, for example, oregano, which blooms in small lilac flowers. Tea with it is not only useful, but also very fragrant. But the plant with yellow and large flowers – St. John’s Wort. Also a useful plant. It is brewed in tea.

In addition, you can collect just a beautiful bouquet of forest flowers, which for a long time will please the look, and remind of a wonderful walk. And you can collect beautiful leaves. In general, the forest is always interesting. And if you do not bring anything with you, there will still be a lot of vivid impressions. After all, you can meet in the woods squirrel. Or see the tracks of a wild beast. Or maybe a woodpecker is sitting on the trunk and you can see through his leaves his red head. And, of course, the sounds of the forest will replace the most beautiful music. Singing birds and chirping of grasshoppers – all sounds are so harmonious that after the roar and roar of the city seem to be an ideal melody. Here is a pleasant and useful walk you can make in the summer forest.

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Composition “Forest in the Summer”