In the forest of my childhood

Even when I was very young, my parents chose the time in the summer or early autumn, and we all went to Slavyanogorsk. During all this time of life in a small tent camp I managed to very well know and fall in love with the mighty and mysterious Slav – mountain forest.

Giant chalky pines are straight as masts, trunks go upwards to scratch the fluffy needles of the side of the clouds. Solar glare lying on the ground and on the trees makes the forest look like the spread skin of a huge leopard.

Heated trunks are similar to relic or prehistoric dinosaurs. They are warm and rough – alive. If you press your cheek against the bark, you will feel the vital juices running inside, connecting the very center of the earth and the infinitely high sky.

This forest is reserved. There are a lot of trees and flowers listed in the Red Book as endangered species. And here and there you meet shields, carefully warning about the harm that a person can inflict on nature. But

we go deeper, away from people and posters.

A grove of age-old oak trees. They are fabulous, like Vasnetsov’s paintings, like the story of Masha and the bears, like legends about the knights of the round table. Giant, heroes, how much did you see in your lifetime? Do you remember the raids of nomads, riots of peasants, young Pushkin? What stories could you tell if you could speak? What do you think about us today? Is our existence for you – joy or tragedy? How small and insignificant you feel near the giant, whose trunk can not be embraced, even if we all join hands.

The hills, the descent, and I go out to the river. Seversky Donets slowly and smoothly rolls its waters, rocking the water-lilies and algae. Slender green reeds try to cover up the ugly tracks of the people who visited here, but in vain. And suddenly – what is it? Deep and measured, thick as a fog, a bell rang over the river. The golden makovka of the monastery shines in the sun, and the ringing floats and swims, clearing everything in its path.

Thickets of hazel, mushrooms and berries, hedgehogs and roe deer – how much joy did you bring to me as a child! How many new impressions did I bring to the city from the forest, along with cones, driftwood, bizarre wood mushrooms! Memories of the forest of my childhood are unforgettable.

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In the forest of my childhood