“Take care of the forest”

From the earliest childhood, each of us is taught that nature must be protected and treated with care. Nature also includes forests, in which, for sure, each of us has been and more than once. Someone went to collect mushrooms and berries in the forest, someone to rest and have fun.

Going to the forest, no matter what reason, it is necessary to remember that forests need to be protected, nature needs it and without the help of people it can not cope.

Certainly, rest on fresh forest air is pleasant and useful. Pleasant songs near the fire in the forest grove, but do not forget that after you have to clean up. After all, none of us leave garbage in our yard or house after entertainment, just as we need to think about the forests. If you go on vacation, take empty bags with you and collect all the garbage in them, do not pollute the forest. It is not necessary to tear the branches of trees for breeding a fire, such good and on the ground is enough.

After a wonderful

holiday, do not forget to put out bonfires, because they often cause forest fires, which are almost impossible to extinguish. Forests scorch and burn out completely, which affects not only the “local people” of the forest – animals and birds, but also the people who inhale the smell of burning from a fire. To avoid this, you should not build bonfires in the forests, and if you already divorced, then be kind to extinguish yourself, so that the fire does not cover the entire district.

In the winter season, when New Year holidays are stolen, a very dangerous period for forests. Poachers are engaged in felling of spruce and pine trees, as well as ordinary residents are capable of such. No one thinks that such actions can lead to the death of the forest, and hence to the death of forest animals, for which the forest is a house.

It is always necessary to think ahead of everything and forests are not exceptions. It is very important to take care of and love our nature, forests are massively felled and faked, for making paper and wood in general, so they are getting smaller and smaller. But, if each

of us ponders and understands that forests should be protected and will take care of their salvation, then it is possible for us collectively to save as many forest trees as possible, and therefore forests will be saved.

There is always the opportunity to contribute to the rescue of the forest. You can plant new trees and do not cut old, clean up after yourself and surrounding debris from forest glades, do not allow fire in the forest. Remember that the forest is our nature, oxygen, which is vital for all people and animals, so do not stay away, do not pass by, take care of the forest and your nature.

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“Take care of the forest”