Compositions on the theme of nature

Nature gives man everything that is necessary for his existence. But, often we do not appreciate these gifts, without hesitation, we tear flowers and branches on trees, without giving anything in return. It seems to us that this is a trifle, because new ones will grow up. Turning around, it is difficult not to notice – how all the same beautiful nature. We need only learn to appreciate it!

Nature pleases us with its unusual and different seasons. In spring, as if taking the first steps, nature is renewed, there are sprouts on the ground, behind them are the first leaves on the trees. By the summer, in the forests and gardens, a real riot of colors, flowers and bushes blossomed. Autumn time the crowns of trees with crimson and gold fireworks decorate alleys and parks. Golden autumn covers everything around with a yellow carpet from falling leaves. The arrival of winter gives way to rainfall on snowfalls. The lake is bound with ice, the trees are wrapped in white fur coats. In its possession enters the Queen of Winter and until spring, nature seems to fall asleep.

At any time of the year, nature is unique and unusually beautiful.

In recent years, the protection of nature is paid all the attention. It pleases and means, there are more and more people who are not indifferent to the future of our Planet, who show help and care for nature around us. To cherish and preserve the pristine beauty of the Native land is our common duty and duty!

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Compositions on the theme of nature