Composition in the forest in summer

Have you been to the forest in the summer? Walks in the forest – it’s so nice, but the observant person is also interesting. The forest will certainly endow such a person with its gifts. A mushroom grew up under the tree. Velvet brown hat, tight white leg. It’s a white fungus, you can say, the king of all the mushrooms. Even one mushroom is enough for the mother to make a delicious soup. And not far from him is another handsome man. Red glossy cap with white specks and calls, and beckons. But it is better not to succumb to his call, it is a fly agaric, it is poisonous.

You walk through the forest and almost all the time you hear the bird screaming. It’s forty. She sees the approach of a man and begins to clamor, warns the other animals and birds: “In the forest is a stranger.”

Walking through the forest, now and then you get into prickly thickets. This is a blackberry, a really prickly plant, it painfully scratches hands. But what berries are sweet. Black, shiny, large. Forest raspberry is smaller. But the sweetness is not inferior. And if you look under your feet, you can see and trefoil strawberries, and above them – small bright berries, so delicious and fragrant.

But even if you do not find anything edible in the forest, you will still meet a lot of interesting things. You can find traces of the animal, you can hear the knock of a woodpecker or even see how his red head flashes on the trunk. You can collect a herbarium of leaves or flowers. Summer in the woods is never boring.

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Composition in the forest in summer