Composition in the forest

In the woods it is pleasant to walk at any time of the year. His nature is always diverse and invariably beautiful. It is very interesting to observe the forest inhabitants: squirrels, hares, small birds, sometimes you can meet a hedgehog. It seems to me that the best place for animals is the forest, the natural habitat. I always watch with sadness how animals languish in the cramped cells of the zoo or are forced to perform in the circus, performing tricks for eating.

In my opinion, there is no better time for walks in the forest than the beginning of October. At this time, it is still warm enough, many sunny days, and the forest has already changed. He replaced the green foliage with a bright yellow and red, as if dressed up for a holiday. You go one of these days in the forest with a basket, the sun gently warms through the gaps in the leaves, and the mood immediately becomes sunny and warm.

The forest is filled with aromas of fallen leaves, grasses, mushrooms. Inhale this smell is very pleasant, it seems that you are filled with health and energy. My grandmother is well versed in mushrooms. I like to go to the forest with her. We walk together and when I find a mushroom, I must show it to her. If she approves, I put it in the basket. Then, in the evening, we fry potatoes with them. Oh, and yummy it turns out!

Sometimes we go to the forest with our parents for a picnic, we light a fire and fry meat or sausages on it. This process is very exciting. Then we all sit down on the hemp and eat food cooked in the fresh air.

My dog ​​loves Lora when I take her with me to the forest. There she runs behind a cane, digs the earth with her nose and sniffs at unfamiliar smells. She barking and jumping around me. We run and play together.

The forest, in my opinion, is a wonderful place where you can get well, relax from the noise and dust of a big city and just have fun with your family or friends.

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Composition in the forest