How not to get lost in the forest

Before you go to the forest, tell your relatives or friends where you are going to go and the approximate time of your return. After all, it may happen that you are lost and can not call for help. It is important to have a fully charged mobile phone with you, put it in a bag so that it does not get wet.

It is advisable to go to those places in the forest, which you already know and where you have been more than once. If you decide to go to a new district, it is advisable to bring a person who is familiar with these places. Do not trust random fellow travelers. But if you did go to the forest on your own, try to remember the road, you can even mark the trees with a marker. Be responsible and think well if it is worth taking children with you.

Preliminarily study the unfamiliar terrain with a map, do not neglect this detail. Moreover, it can be downloaded on the Internet on tourist sites. Study carefully the location of the forest, the nearby villages and roads. Try to remember

which side they are in, so that you can orient in the event that you are lost.

There are certain guidelines that will help not to get lost in the forest. For example, in the search for the right side of the world you will be helped by anthills and moss, which are always located on the southern and northern sides of the tree, respectively. At night, you can determine your path by looking at the North Star, which is located in the north. Forest berries are also capable of indicating the correct path: on the southern side they are red, with the northern – slightly greenish.

If you still get lost, do not panic and calm down. Listen to the sounds around you, perhaps there is a highway or a railway nearby. Try to climb a tree, so you can better view the area or see the smoke from the fire. Remember which side it is in and follow in that direction. In no case do not lose hope of salvation.

If you find a path in the forest, do not rush to go along it: it may turn out to be an animal and draw you deep into the forest. Determine, bestial is a trail or trodden by people, just. Go through it with a dozen meters: if it’s difficult for you to make your way through thick branches, then this beast is followed by animals.

Most importantly – Do not panic! It is necessary to calm down, stop and think. Berries and fruits during maturation acquire a coloration of maturity first from the southern side.

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How not to get lost in the forest