“I want to become a doctor” composition

One day my mother asked me what I want to become when I grow up. This question made me think, because never before I thought about what profession I will choose in the future. I thought for a long time, at first I decided that I would be a policeman, then I wanted to be a fireman, later I thought that it was better to be an architect. But then it occurred to me that the most important and useful profession is a doctor.

I realized that if I become a doctor, I can save people, help them. Doctors are always needed, because people, unfortunately, do not stop getting sick. All the time there are new viruses or old ones are being improved. With this you need to fight. Perhaps I will even devote my life to research in order to invent new medicines and not allow diseases to take away human lives. Or maybe I can come up with a cure for all the diseases, it would be just fine.

In our clinic there is a doctor Alexander Nikolaevich. Everyone respects and tries to get to him, because he is kind and considerate, and everything that he appoints always helps. Mom says that this is an old-school doctor. He is already elderly, but he continues to work, because he can not leave his patients. I think when I become a doctor, I will try to become like him.

I understand that this profession is very complicated and responsible, and that I will have to study for a long time to become a doctor, but it does not frighten me. If you want to achieve something, you have to make a lot of efforts.

When I told my mother about my desire, she was delighted and supported me. Mom said that this is a good and necessary profession. Once she herself wanted to be a doctor, but then she became an engineer. I will go to my goal more aggressively.

Mom made me think about the future and I firmly decided to treat people. I think this will be my vocation, I will try my best to become a good doctor.

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“I want to become a doctor” composition