Composition on the profession of a doctor

There is no more important specialist in the world than a doctor. Whether the problem is in minor trauma or in a serious illness, without too much hesitation, we go with her to the doctor. Sometimes we do not even notice how the toilers of medicine become part of our lives.

We are accustomed to perceive their help as something ordinary and self-evident. Such a job is to facilitate the existence of all of us. Few people think that it took centuries of tireless work of many selfless people, so that medicine has reached the current level of development. Every practicing doctor is a scientist.

To become a qualified physician, you need to study at the university for six years. Moreover, the process of cognition never ends. For the sake of their patients, the doctor has to face new challenges every day, look for new solutions and stay abreast of the latest scientific advances. Thanks to the efforts of doctors, modern medicine, many of the diseases that in the recent past were considered a death sentence are not terrible.

But this good has a downside. Philistines no longer blame the gods or fate in the suffering and death of loved ones. They blame the doctors who could not save them, and sometimes forget that each person is by nature mortal. A modern doctor, even the best, is still very far from power over human nature. As in any other profession, in medicine, mistakes, negligence, and indifference are possible.

But it is not enough in which area of ​​labor the slightest mistake is worth of someone’s life. Like all of us, doctors are not perfect, and, I must admit, we often expect too much from them. It’s terrible to imagine how doctors decide to take on such a heavy burden of responsibility and what they should be borne by it in life. But it’s not for nothing that the doctor’s work is called the noblest of the professions, because nothing more noble has been invented than the salvation of human life.

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Composition on the profession of a doctor