Writing is in a hurry to do good

Every person in his life faces kindness towards himself or others. Kindness is what makes our society more humane and compassionate in the effort to give joy to surrounding people, to show sincere feelings. People whose thoughts and deeds are connected with good deeds, live a truly full life. After all, in the modern world, not everyone is able to give good, many are obsessed with material goods, but there is no question for them to help someone or do something good.

In the family, people understand and sympathize with each other, help with deeds and advice. In public places, many are either embarrassed or do not want to waste their time on good deeds. But very vain! After doing good deeds, you can make someone happier, and most experience a joyful sense of moral satisfaction and full harmony. One will feed a homeless kitten or dog, another will take part in the cleaning of his city, a third will help a lonely person or friend with a homework, and the fourth will do a good deed in favor of all mankind.

There are many good deeds in the world and will suffice at all. They force us to improve, to be joyful, and not gloomy, generous, not greedy, they teach to respect people and control their behavior. Doing good deeds fills life with a special meaning. The person who is not indifferent to someone else’s misfortune, gives warmth, who is always ready to help and does good, without demanding anything in return, generously rewards fate. And an indifferent person, who does not like good things, should sympathize, because because of his egoism he will never feel a warm and bright feeling of joy from the fact that someone in the world will better live.

Good deeds leave behind an unforgettable track, peace and harmony. Hasten to do good deeds! Let everyone in this world be happy!

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Writing is in a hurry to do good