“Do good” composition

What is good? Why do it? You can ask a thousand questions and each will have their own answers to them. I think:

“Good is when people help each other to solve different life problems from a pure heart, and we need to do it and even more often than it seems to us so that we do not have to remain alone at a difficult moment.” I believe that the meaning of life is doing good. nothing else is needed for humanity…. Otherwise, he will not survive in this evil world, they say: “Beauty will save the world!” I would add: “Beauty and kindness will save the world!” “.

But in our time there is very little good. Occasionally people help each other, they often help, when they are asked.

The meaning of the word “good” changed. There was a time when our ancestors evaluated this word with the appearance and beauty of a person. Therefore, beauty and kindness are words very close: a kind person is always beautiful.


deeds of people were highly valued at all times. When we talk about good deeds, people who often helped in troubles, supported in life problems or gave good advice are remembered. Good deeds are also the charity of rich people who built gymnasiums and schools on their money, opened and maintained free hospitals and homes for the elderly, but…. Nowadays people who do charity with their own profit are more often. But if each of us will postpone good deeds before the emergence of critical life situations, then we can be late. After all, we are not alone, they are waiting to be pushed or called to the rescue. I admire people who do not wait for a push, but go on doing good deeds. If you go through all obstacles to ensure that your words and deeds are carried to your relatives, relatives, good friends – that’s already a lot. At the same time, one must always remember that kindness is fundamentally selfless.

In ancient times there was a statement that to every step, to every act of man a mirror is placed, reflecting anger with anger, and good by good. Of course, one can not understand this hypothesis

in the literal sense, hoping that every good act must immediately return. In reality, waiting for good, as a response to good, is not selfishness, goodness can not be perceived as a bargain with something supreme, one can not strive to commit a highly moral act only in the hope of a generous reward for it.

Good deeds…. These are kind words. and help grandparents, compliments in the direction of my mother and support of friends. Think about it: when you last spoke to my mother, about how beautiful she is, how kind, how do you love her? And when did they help her without her knowledge? Did they support a close friend in distress? To listen and understand another person, to give wise counsel is the true destiny of every person. This and more, dear friends, can already be done today. Do not put off good deeds for the future.

To kindness settled in your environment, so that your life is warmed by the warmth and good attitude of people around you, you need to learn how to do good unselfishly, without any hope of gratitude.

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“Do good” composition