“Spiritual world of man” composition

The spiritual world of man. He is profound, multifaceted, not known to the end. The more he is rich, the more interesting a person is, the more informative and more beautiful his life is. On guard of our spirituality, our spiritual purity are eternal protections, about which the people say: these are universal values. Mother’s lullaby, prayer to God, parental blessing is not a complete list of those treasures that purify and ennoble our soul, protect it from filth and pragmatism, greed, infidelity… “Only the family is like an eternal grain in the immortal field of life” so unforgettable Nazarii Yaremchuk sang. Indeed, all the most important in life is connected with the family. Feeling of security, peace of mind, confidence, peace – all this gives us a family.

I remember the novel by I. Bagryany “Tigrolov”, in which the family of Ukrainians is so wonderfully portrayed, who from century to century lived according to the laws of their national

ethics, highly valued the commandments of their ancestors. In this family, the cult of love for one’s neighbor dominated. Between parents and children there was complete harmony in relationships and outlooks on life. The hero of the novel Gregory Mnogogreshny, who by force of circumstances got into that blessed Ukrainian village in the Far Eastern land, felt himself the son of Sirk and Sircikhi and the brother of their children – Gregory and Natalka.

This family cured the soul of Gregory Mnogogorshny, exhausted, torn by the cruel totalitarian regime, exhausted by him, restored his faith in people, in goodness, in justice, in a happy future… Mother’s love is also a guard for our spirituality. How touchingly told about her songwriter A. Malyshko in his immortal “Song of the Towel”, which is now called the people’s. Mom, dear mother. Her love, her blessing protects the child’s soul from filth, warns against ill-considered actions, teaches to do good on earth, so that it returns to everyone’s love of people and well-being. In Oles Honchar’s novel “The

Cathedral” there are beautiful words spoken by a wise teacher: “Keep yourselves in the councils of your souls.” Councils of Souls. “

This call forces each of us to think about the question: “Is my soul a temple or a heap of bricks?”. The novel “Cathedral” reveals to us a deep wisdom of life: all actions (both large and minor) are born in the souls, are blessed in its cathedral. It is necessary to be guided in all actions and deeds by the eternal index – the relics of the cathedral of one’s soul, which should worship the eternal human values ​​- spiritual protectors.

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“Spiritual world of man” composition