World War II composition

The second world war became the biggest war in the history of mankind. Dozens of countries participated in it. Never before had history known war with so many victims. Our country was also involved in these events, because the Great Patriotic War is part of the Second World War. There is no family that does not lose its loved ones in this nightmare.

The Second World War began on September 1, 1939. On this day fascist Germany attacked Poland. Then Japan got involved in the war with the United States. Having seized half of Europe, the fascists went to war against the Soviet Union, but were repulsed. The Second World War lasted six years and ended in September 1945, when Japan surrendered under the onslaught of the Allied forces.

I would not like to argue who is right, who is to blame for the war. Many people then performed heroic deeds, showed heroism. But all mankind is to blame for having committed such a war. It all happened because people forgot that they are people. And all around are people too. Jews, gypsies, blacks, communists, fascists and Slavs are still people. And the ideologists of the Second World convinced the soldiers that their opponents are subhuman, that they can be killed.

World War II is a broken fate, broken happiness, separated lovers, broken families. These are war crimes: torture and humiliation, experiments on people who put fascist fanatics. These are burnt cities and villages, mined fields, concentration camps.

It’s scary to read that fanatics, crazy for war, prepared for people. For example, the Japanese military were going to release on the enemies of rats infected with the plague. But, instead, the Americans dropped two atomic bombs on Japanese cities. Many civilians died.

No interests, no patriotism, justify the massacre of each other. I hope that the Second World War will remain the last world war in history. Otherwise, humanity simply will not survive.

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World War II composition