Composition on “Good deeds”

In modern society there are fewer and fewer people who have such qualities as kindness. People became indifferent and indifferent to others’ ills.

I believe that without good it is impossible to live. I believe that all good deeds will necessarily return, will positively affect the future life of a person.

I try to do good deeds every day. I feed pigeons and stray animals, help the elderly and just people who need help. To do good is just as easy, to cheer people up, help the sick, protect the weak people.

In the shower warmth spreads out, when you do a good deed, you see a satisfied well-fed dog or a smile of people, you hear pleasant words in your address. I call on all people to do good deeds, because everything happens in life, perhaps you will also be given a helping hand someday.

Do good, you need to disinterestedly. I can not convey the feeling of joy and pride that you experience having done another good deed.

In order to be kind and do

good deeds you have to work on yourself every day. Fighting laziness, resentment, learning to sincerely love and appreciate friends and loved ones, treats strangers well.

And what is it? What pushes people to do them? It seems to me that any person gives good for some reason, coming from his soul. To some, they are given easily and are a daily habit, a commonplace affair. And for some, the difficulty is that you have to step over yourself, your views and beliefs.

In any case, it can be said that good deeds and actions are not only a reward for those to whom they are directed. It is also the possibility of developing oneself as a person to those who commit them. After all, being kind is not at all difficult. You can give way to transport, and it does not matter, an elderly person is a simple student. You can hold the door, leaving the store, letting someone go ahead. Or put a wardrobe in the pocket of some unfamiliar student delicious candy with a wish for a good day.

Imagine a man walking along the road, he is sad. Maybe he is going through some difficulties and troubles. A passer-by comes with a sincere

smile on his face. Well, how can you not smile back? It’s easy! It does not require much effort.

In our time of closeness, aggression and hatred, good deeds are so important and necessary. How wonderful it would be if every person on Earth did right now just one simple gesture of kindness and generosity. How many people could this save, how many people would have improved their mood, or maybe changed their lives?

An ancient proverb says: treat others as you would like them to treat you yourself. Undoubtedly, everyone would like more kindness and concern for themselves. And do we do this for others? Do we give warmth, help the needy? Encourage those who are sad?

That’s where fantasy can go. Instead of sitting at the screens of TVs or computer monitors, wasting their time and energy for nothing, each of us can reach out to kindness. Make a step in the best yourself, calling friends and family. Who can improve the world in which we live, if not ourselves. This is not difficult, the main thing is not to forget to do good deeds.

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Composition on “Good deeds”