Composition is my hero

My favourite hero. Every person, I think, should have a favorite literary hero, which he constantly remembers, tries to be not like him. Talking about your favorite hero is best when he made an unforgettable impression, left a deep mark in memory. I believe that my favorite hero is a person who treats people kindly, with kindness and understanding, and acts fairly and honestly towards them.

All these qualities have existed for a very long time, so they could not ignore my hero, because without them there is neither love, nor friendship, nor mutual understanding. So, my favorite hero is a principled, honest, open and kind person. Vladimir Ustimenko I consider my favorite hero. I learned about him in detail from the first book of the trilogy

J. Herman “The case that you serve.” The author showed disturbing prewar years in the novel, told about the youth of the main hero Vladimir Ustimenko, about his choice of his path. In addition, Yu Herman spoke about Volodya’s

older friends who influenced the formation of this remarkable doctor and person. My favorite hero is my ideal, a spiritual mentor who mentally supports me in various

Delah. Vladimir was such a man for whom medicine was in the forefront, in the first place among other sciences. For him, apart from the “business to which he served,” nothing more existed. Without medicine, his life would be boring and meaningless. It all began as a child. Volodya first began to master knowledge of medicine. He studied biology, chemistry, collected anatomical atlases, and once tried to buy in the store

Human skeleton. In his room hung a painting by Rembrandt “The lesson of anatomy.” Visiting an anatomical circle, Volodya cognized all the secret secrets and secrets of this science. Gradually accumulated knowledge he managed to apply in one terrible situation. Volodya had to provide medical assistance to the shepherd dog. “He tore off his shirt and began to ungainly put a tourniquet on the stump.” This act required great courage and ingenuity, because not everyone could

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Composition is my hero