Composition about animals

My favorite animal is a cat. I wanted to have a cat from my childhood. And, finally, my dream came true – my home had a Siamese cat Kuzya. The Kuzi have a light brown muzzle, dark ears, paws and a long striped tail; Flexible elongated body, large round head, on the muzzle bristly mustache, beard and bright blue eyes.

The color of the eyes changes when he is angry or threatens, the pupils become red or green. The ears of the cat are always on their guard; they catch the slightest rustle. Kuzya is an animal whimsical. If he is in a good mood, he plays, lets himself be ironed, allows another animal to eat from his bowl, but if he has a bad mood, he warns about it with a kind of meow, then it is better not to touch it. Kuzya serious, fighting cat. When we were in the village, he fought all the cats. He does not join the fist fight.

In the beginning he as though warns: howls in a nasty voice. Almost a hundred and eighty degrees turns his neck; The wool rises atop it, and the tail “turns” into a loose bristled brush. He has no compassion for the rival. He fights until the enemy flees. Kuzya is a very smart cat. He learned to open the fridge with his paws; doors of cabinets.

If the front door is not locked, it will hang on the handle until the door opens. Kuzya likes to watch TV, hunt lizards, frogs, birds. And yet he is a very kind cat and loves his masters. I really like our cat.

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Composition about animals